Tuesday, July 17, 2012

architecure inspiration

We feel fortunate to be collaborating with such a storied firm in Olson Kundig and all-around good guy and super talent in Tom Kundig. Inspiration comes from a lot of different places and before we landed on the firm and Tom we started down different paths to begin with like I'm sure many people do before they make their decision and their architect decides that its a good fit. Part of the process isn't just looking at different sites and interviewing different options but visiting projects and getting immersed in architecture all together. Long before we bought the land or had any inkling of lightbulb in our brains about taking on a project like this we had just an overall fascination and interest in well designed spaces. My various projects and line of work fortunately took me many wonderful places around the country and around the world where amazing spaces could be found and experienced. Until you are in space that is built the lines and thoughts on paper are just that, an unbuilt vision. As we near the last phase which is the ultimate construction, I wanted to list some spaces visited and dreamed of that influenced the path along the way.

Stahl House Los Angeles
Eames House Los Angeles
Brain Studio Seattle
Madrona House Seattle
Ridge House Spokane
Micro Compact Home London
Kaufmann House Palm Springs
Bird Watcher's House Seattle
Incredibles House (Imaginary)
Glass House Connecticut

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