Monday, July 23, 2012

looking back. heading forward.

We are nearing a monumental milestone in our project and for those who define building a house by merely the shovel in the ground I'd argue there are many moments more meaningful or on par with that sort of "expected" point in a project. As we approach a five year milestone in land ownership and really a four year milestone in terms of the actual project here are some moments to look back on and then some things to look forward to ::: A laundry list of Maxon House Project key moments: :: Finding and buying property :: Land Survey :: Geotechnical drilling for slope stability :: Critical areas approval with county :: Forestry thinning :: Hiring of Olson Kundig Architects :: Hiring of Attorney :: Dealing with project hiccups :: Drilling of private well :: Architectural plans development :: Concept :: Schematic Design :: Design Development :: Construction Documents :: Building permit set :: Building permit application :: Building permit approval :: Creation of road and well access :: Thinning and limbing of trees :: Structural engineering plans :: Civil engineering :: Small and Large Drainage Review :: Hiring Turner Exhibits :: Developing and maintaining forestry management :: Picking out finishes, appliances, details :: Modifying and evolving the plans :: Visit after visit after visit to the site What comes next? Construction. And ultimately, living in a project that will have taken over a handful of years of our lives but is every bit architecture of our story.

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