Monday, July 15, 2013


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A valuable name
Let’s just call Tom Kundig the $2.9 million man.
His “Studio House,” billed as a “breakthrough project” for the award-winning architect, just hit the market at $4.95 million.
Located in Seattle’s Broadview neighborhood, it’s a beauty of a space, to be sure. All metal and wood, high ceilings and clean lines. Perfect, as long as your kids can keep their heads away from the steel and sharp corners.
But let’s get to the numbers: The three-bedroom, 7,100 square-foot place was last sold for $550,000 in 1994, and underwent a Kundig-designed $612,000 renovation that was completed in 1998.
So, it follows that the King County Department of Assessments put the total value of the property at $2 million.
Could Kundig’s name be worth another $2.9 million?
“That’s for a buyer to determine,” said Matt Anderson, spokesman for Olson Kundig Architects.
Agreed. As for the most anyone’s paid for a Kundig creation?
“We don’t keep track,” Anderson said. “We’re pretty much focused on giving our customers what they want.”

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