Sunday, August 25, 2013

project update

We get a lot of questions about when we'll start building.

We have permits, final plans and a world-class team assembled between architects, contractors and consultants and are working on the financing which on a project of this scale requires extremely detailed documentation and time based on the unique nature of the project, the site and the location. We've appreciated the support of the community on this facebook page, friends and family and others who have offered their support and stories. Our target is early 2014.
Our estimated construction time is 11 months.

Our project required a pretty extreme transformation of the site from comprehensive forestry management plan,
precision thinning and clearing of 21+ acres including a very
surgical-like approach to the the building site to minimize impact, geotechnical drilling, well drilling, septic design, complex critical areas review, well access, road creation, clearing and grading, tree pruning and limbing, site mitigation, etc. The success of the project is a complete blend of site and the final built elements (not one or the other). We've been blessed with an amazing architect and project manager who worked with a challenging site to orient our house to take advantage of the valley views while minimizing the footprint and site impact.

Raw land values are steadily on the rise and we've seen better than average appraised values with our 21+ acre view property. We have a lot of exciting plans with this project and look forward to sharing the progress as things move forward.

There are many things that have to line up to make a project like this move forward so we are exercising additional patience to work thru the details and make sure we are as prepared as possible. Doing it right the first time is our goal so waiting a bit longer to make sure we get i's dotted and t's crossed is well worth it for a lifetime investment.

For those that are new on the page or to our story you can get caught up with a 26-week blog we did for Dwell magazine ( In the meantime we'll be sharing some insights, stories, photos, videos, interviews with key project team members and more in the coming days, weeks and months. Thanks for your support and we look forward to having you along for the ride as we move forward.

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