Saturday, June 7, 2014


Purchase land. Research building options (custom, prefab, etc.). Interview architects. Site feasibility (surveys, etc). Hire architect. More feasability (geotech drilling, zoning, forestry, critical areas, etc). Project program details. Conceptual design options. Schematic design. Design development. Project estimating and contractor interviews. Well and septic prep and well drilling. Water testing. Permit submittal. Permit process. Address potential challenges, permit hiccups. Permit approval. Further site work. Contractor selection and pricing based on construction documents. Bank interviews for construction loan financing. Saving more money. More bank interviews and bank referrals. Prep financial documents for submittal for construction loan. Credit review, construction review, underwriting review, appraisal, real estate com parables, determining loan to value based on appraisal, it's looking good, it's not looking good, it could work, maybe this won't work, ok this is doable, ok we've got a chance, back into underwriting, conditional approval, more money, secure owner insurance policy, more money, review cost breakdown, adjustments to contracts, estimates, more money saving for reserves, conditional reviews and final approvals. Prep documents for signing,closing, funding. Project team prep meetings and go. Deep breath. Repeat. Champagne. Uncork. Celebrate. Go!

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