Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Project Status

We are officially moved in after a nearly six year adventure / journey / trek thru the labyrinth of twists and turns necessary to make a project of this scope come to fruition. It is truly amazing the things you think will be the most difficult parts of the journey sometimes are not and things you never would have expected become the things you devote the most amount of time, money and sweat (and tears). I'd still say to this day that the most important decision you can make is finding the best possible location that has huge potential even if it takes awhile to sort out details around feasibility and site planning, etc. We took a fairly raw piece of land and transformed it into an amazing setting where the architecture framed the environment and not the other way around. The second biggest decision was hiring the smartest and most talented architect(s) and architecture firm we could afford and turning them loose to craft a memorable space for our family. Finally, the builder who connects all the pieces and transforms the space. There will be a tremendous amount of documentation to follow so stay tuned to the blog post for more information we have never-seen-before construction photos that share the story along with time lapse and videos, interviews and more.

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