Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year + Plans + More

Happy New Year to all who follow or visit the Maxon House blog. We just celebrated our first winter holiday in the new house after a lengthy five+ year journey to get the house designed, built and finalized for occupancy. It was one extremely wild adventure full of up's and down's that only someone who has been through something of that scale can truly understand. That being said the purpose of the blog from the beginning has been to share stories and insights to inspire others to pursue their own modern architectural wonders no matter the scale. As a recap we partnered with the amazing teams at Olson Kundig and Schuchart | Dow for architecture and construction of the project. Our setting is a 21+ acre forested and environmentally protected site just 35 minutes from the downtown core of Seattle. We are anchored in a lush forest with mountain views and private access to the main private residence. Phase one of the project included infrastructure, primary residence, detached garage/carport structure, septic, well (and well house) as well as all the support systems required by code/permit. Phase two will be upcoming and involve some kinetic elements that Olson Kundig are known for which will be discussed in upcoming posts. The purpose again is to share stories, answer questions and inspire others with our journey. I look forward to postings photos and videos in the coming days and breaking down the project into digestible chapters of content. Cheers and Happy New Year!


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